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29 April 2009 @ 11:27 am
Various musings while walking (part 17)  

Incorporation, not Castration – Just like an infant doesn’t master speech by having its vocal chords cut out, neither Reason nor Emotion are mastered by completely cutting them out. Not “if it offend thee, cut it off” but rather, “if it offend thee, explore it, acknowledge it, don’t let it dominate you, and subsume it under conscious control.” {3.30.09}

The Equilibrium between Stoicism and Hedonism... or Man as a River – Excessive self-restraint and excessive impulsivity/spontaneity both have pitfalls. We need enough self-restraint to keep ourselves from needless & distracting thoughts, words, and actions, and we need enough spontaneity to remain active (instead of always reactive and self-reflective). The free flow of energy requires a balance between coherence (self-discipline) and flexibility (spontaneity). Observe how a river maintains and does not maintain a particular form… and thereby is a formidable force. {3.31.09}

• To act reasonably is not necessarily to act in accordance with Reason. {3.31.09}

• We are immersed in action. Reason is often after-the-fact or simply puts over-simplified names to the complex interactions of forces at work (e.g. “I am playing the piano.”) Reason does not and can not guide action in the majority of an individual’s circumstances. People act in accordance with their instincts and justify their acts to themselves and others with Reason (or name their instincts with Reason). {3.31.09}

• The harshest critics are always the disciples (e.g. Nietzsche’s attitude to Socrates, Jung’s attitude to Freud, etc.) {4.3.09}

• People dont fear & worship things; they fear & worship the ideals they've built up of things. {4.7.09}

The Mystic Experience – Infinite in Identity, Finite in Appearance; Immediate yet Ineffable; Uniform in its Essence, Diverse in its Expression; Inexhaustible in Name and Image yet inevitably Inconceivable with the Mind; Ultimately unspeakable in the end although endlessly spoken about. {4.13.09}

• The initiator is a skillful frustrator. {4.29.09}

Reading is vanity - We don't read books, we read ourselves into books. We take ambiguities to refer to specificities, abstractions are taken as ego-centric suggestions. We can only understand what is already known inside of us, but authors present ideas to us in new forms (after all, we often have trouble separating the medium from the message). Our favorite authors are therefore those who reveal what is best or most desired in ourselves to ourselves (in the physical-talismanic form of a book)... or those that allow us to indulge in fantasies or extremities vicariously that we would never enact ourselves. {4.29.09}

Ideal - The body athletic; the mind elastic; the emotions energetic; the spirit ecstatic. {4.29.09}